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  The Interfaith Committee of Remembrance (ICOR) was established in 1986 by a small group of dedicated individuals with the express purpose and mission to honor through music, poetry, and dramatic readings, the memory of those who were killed in the Holocaust.

Since 1990, ICOR’s Concerts of Remembrance have been presented annually at the world’s largest cathedral, the prestigious Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, free of charge.

Over the years these events have attracted a diverse audience of over 40,000 attendees. Many high-ranking members of the clergy and important political figures have honored us by participating in these extremely well received Concert/Events. We have been featured in numerous newspapers and periodicals in many countries and languages including, Russian, Polish, Hebrew, Armenian, Italian, Dutch, Esperanto, etc.

Our outstanding musical programs have been performed by the Brooklyn Philharmonic, a world-class orchestra, under the leadership of such distinguished conductors as Lukas Foss, Maxim Shostakovich, Yaakov Bergman, and since 2002, Music Director, Arkady Leytush. The Concerts from the inception have been emceed by Maurice Edwards (actor, director, producer and former Artistic Director of the Brooklyn Philharmonic). They were further enhanced by the participation of such distinguished choirs as Trinity Church Choir, Canticum Novum Singers, and Westchester Choir, among others.

We have performed many moving musical compositions relating to the horrors many people were forced to endure during the Holocaust including: Survivor from Warsaw by Arnold Schoenberg (Sherrill Milnes as narrator); Schindler’s List by John Williams; Holocaust Suite by Morton Gould; Kaddish for Cello & Strings by Tzvi Avni (the dean of Israeli composers, with soloist Misha Quint); Elegy for Anne Frank by Lukas Foss; Song Cycle from Jewish Folk Poetry by Dmitri Shostakovich; Songs from the Lodz Ghetto by David Baigelman (performed by Zalman Mlotek); and Songs of the Soul by David Amram, among others.

In addition, ICOR has premiered over 30 testimonial works at these Concerts including: Kaddish for Terezin by Ronald Senator (with Ron Silver as narrator); Double Concerto for Piano & Flute by Erwin Schulhoff (killed in Auschwitz in 1944); Stars in the Dust by Samuel Adler; Songs of Dreams by Leon Levitch (with Julianna James-Yaffe as soprano); In Memoriam: A Celebration by Hayden Wayne; Holocaust Symphony by Richard Nanes (a subsequent performance of his work has been repeatedly televised on the Christian Television Network reaching 48 million subscribers); Numbers Branded Into Your Arms by Ronald Senator; Auschwitz by Orlando Jacinto Garcia; The Song of the Murdered Jewish People by Zlata Razdolina (based on poems by Itzhak Katzenelson, with Fritz Weaver as narrator); If This is a Man by Tzvi Avni (on poems by Primo Levi).

These Concerts have also afforded ICOR the opportunity to honor distinguished people who have made significant contributions related to memorializing the Holocaust as a tragic happening – never to be forgotten. Some of the past honorees include: Dr. Lucjan Dobroszycki (an inmate of the Lodz ghetto who wrote an unique document chronicling the life of the Jewish community in the ghetto); The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous, Abraham Foxman (President of ADL), Roman Kent (Chairman of the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Treasurer of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany); James Ingo Freed (Architect of the US Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.); Very Reverend James Parks Morton (former Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Devine), Archbishop Khajag Barsamian (Primate, Diocese of the Armenian Church of America), Daniel Libeskind (winner of the architectural design for remaking the World’s Trade Center, Ground Zero); Edwin Schlossberg (Architect for the Ellis Island American Family Immigration History Center), Sir Jack Polak (knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands for his invaluable contributions for the preservation of the Anne Frank centers.)

Since we are not receiving contributions from large foundations or government agencies, all needed funds must be raised from private sources. As such, the Interfaith Committee of Remembrance constantly faces deficits. In spite of this, we have always persevered in our efforts to continue this truly unique annual Concert/Event of Remembrance. ICOR does not pay rent, and other expenses such as telephone, electric, and has never had any paid employees. All monies received go directly into the production and presentation of the Concerts. ICOR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all contributions are tax deductible. Our Concerts are free of charge to the general public. Please Contribute.

We feel strongly that the music, poetry, and drama presented at our Concerts contribute greatly to the education of the younger generations and helps to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive in the most dignified and meaningful manner possible for the audience of the future. Therefore, we hope that you will support our mission to commemorate this most tragic event in human history, so that it will never become just a footnote in the history books.

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